EVE - KH02

EVE – KH02

 EVE was made in collaboration with Innovation Randers during august-october 2011. It contains a huge amount of uses. It can be a one-person seating furniture, but also a mini-sofa, mini daybed or what ever you fancy.

Innovation Randers, most famous for their former work with Verner Panton made me make it with a very specific target group in mind. The students living in small appartments or colleges may not always have the space or the money for an extra matress or bed for staying visitors. For a very small price, it is possible to get a piece of this!

Made of four individual futon-matresses, flag line, leather and a scandinavian textile, EVE or KHo2 is the best over-all solution for students. The flag line makes it possible to hang it on the wall, so it won’t collect dust.